8427 Cella di carico Tensione Compressione Low Cost

Varie opzioni di fissaggio, può essere integrata in un robot, rapida risposta anche a eventi molto brevi, rapporto qualità/prezzo ottimale.

  • Features

    • Range di misura da 0 … 20 N a 0 … 10 kN
    • Corpo robusto saldato
    • Disponibile anche con filettatura esterna (opzionale)
    • Disponibile con burster TEDS o sensibilità stadardizzata (opzionale)
    • Flangia per un semplice assemblaggio
    • Gamma di opzioni di fissaggio e trasmissione della forza
    • Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo
  • Product data

    Model 8427
    Measuring range

    0 ... ±20 N
    0 ... ±50 N
    0 ... ±100 N
    0 ... ±200 N
    0 ... ±500 N
    0 ... ±1 kN
    0 ... ±2 kN
    0 ... ±5 kN
    0 ... ±10 kN

    Direction of force Tension and compression
    Standardization Option
    Protection class IP65
    Range of operating temperature -30 ... +80 °C
    Specific characteristics
    • Mesuring ranges from 0 … 20 N to 0 … 10 kN
    • Rugged welded construction
    • Optional also available with external thread
    • Optional with burster TEDS or standardized sensitivity  
    • Flange for easy assembly
    • Range of fixing and force transmission options
    • Good price/performance ratio
  • Description

    This low cost tension/compression load cell is an especially robust component, which can be easily integrated in a girder assembly between two cables or chains for measuring force. The standard model comes with internal thread, allowing any adapter parts, for instance eye brackets, to be fitted in the axis of symmetry. Alternatively, the optionally available adapters with external thread can be used for quick and easy screw-fitting into a threaded hole made for the purpose.

    The radial connection cable is extremely flexible and designed for a wide range of motion. In order to achieve the greatest possible stability for such a small sensor, making it suitable not only for the laboratory but also for industrial use, all parts have been welded together including the cable guide bush in the sensor housing.

    The measurement element is a membrane perpendicular to the axis of the sensor with a strain gage full bridge applied to the inner surface, which requires stable excitation with a rated value of approx. 1 mV/V.

    burster TEDS with an electronic sensor datasheet or standardization of the output signal in the sensor connecting cable are offered as options.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Further info



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Aerospace Industry
Machine Manufacturers
Medical Technology
Precision Engineering
Tool / Mold Construction

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