8524 Cella di carico di precisione a trazione/compressione

Compatta, semplice, universalmente applicabile, di facile integrazione nelle strutture esistenti, per forze di trazione e compressione in applicazioni statiche, quasi statiche e dinamiche, in acciaio inox, con opzione sovraccarico

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  • Features

    • Range di misura da 0 ... 500 N a 0 ... 200 kN
    • Precisione di misura migliore dello 0.25 % F.S.
    • Segnale di uscita 1.5 mV/V, standardizzato
    • Altamente versatile e per un utilizzo universale
    • Classe di protezione secondo EN 60529 IP67 per ≥ 0 ... 20 kN
    • Errore di linearità 0.1 % F.S. per campi di misura ≤ 0 ... 5 kN (opzione)
    • Cavo per utilizzo in catenaria ed altamente flessibile
  • Product data

    Model 8524
    Measuring range

    0 … 500 N
    0 … 1 kN
    0 … 2 kN
    0 … 5 kN
    0 … 10 kN
    0 … 20 kN
    0 … 50 kN
    0 … 100 kN
    0 … 200 kN

    Direction of force Tension and compression
    Standardization Yes
    Signal output 1.5 mV/V
    Protection class

    IP65 for measuring ranges ≤  0 ... 10 kN
    IP67 for measuring ranges ≥ 0 ... 20 kN

    Overload protection Option
    Pull-plate Option
    Load introduction button Option
    Range of operating temperature -30 ... +80 °C
    Specific characteristics
    • Output signal 1.5 mV/V, standardized
    • Highly versatile and for universal use
    • Type of protection acc. EN 60529 IP67 for measuring ranges ≥ 0 ... 20 kN
    • Linearity error 0.1 % F.S. for measuring ranges ≤ 0 ... 5 kN (option)
    • Cable suitable for drag chains and highly flexible
  • Description

    The 8524 precision tension & compression load cell is a versatile sensor for highly accurate load measurements in diverse applications. Optimum measurement quality is achieved with the load cell mounted on a flat, hard and polished contact surface. This requirement does not apply to small measurement ranges of up to 0 ... 2 kN because three knife-edge bearings ensure that the sensor is seated securely. Off-center forces, bending moments and torques of less than 5% of the rated load will not impair the sensor‘s measurement quality. Our brochure „Load Cells“ explains how you can design parasitic loads out of your mechanical system.

    Through-holes in the outer flange are used for fastening the 8524 sensor to the system structure. The load is applied via the central blind threaded hole or optionally via a load button. Alternatively, a pull plate and even rod end bearings, if desired, can be attached to the sensor for equally easy measurement of purely tensile loads, for instance in Bowden cables or chains. The 8524 sensor is designed to measure static, quasi-static and dynamic compressive and/or tensile loads.

    Inside the sensor is an elastic membrane, on which are applied strain gages connected in a full Wheatstone bridge. If a tensile or compressive load is applied to the sensor, the ohmic resistance of the measuring bridge changes and detunes the output signal in proportion to the measured load in mV/V.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Operation manual
    Further info
    Flyer / Info
  • Accessories

    pdf Rod ends with internal/external thread for force introduction
  • Videos

    Example showing load cell fitted under pre-load with extreme overload protection

    Youtube channel Burster Youtube Channel

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