Ethernet-Working, Low-Cost and Modular Press-Fit Control DIGIFORCE® 9310

burster expands its successful product family DIGIFORCE® 9310 by an extremely well-priced, modular and independently working process controller for press-fit control processes. The cabinet-mounted module DIGIFORCE® 9310 uses Ethernet as communication medium for device parameterization and data acquisition through a host PC.

Especially in multi-channel applications in automated manufacturing cells the cascadable and networking press-fit module can be employed. As usual for cabinet-mounted modules the power supply is realized with 24 VDC, thus enabling a direct sensor transmitter supply at both sensor channels of the DIGIFORCE® 9310. Of course also this design version offers process control via Profibus as an option. Further by now the already established standard desktop and panel meter versions are available with Ethernet interface.

Initially the proven and user-oriented PC software DigiControl 9310 takes over the administration of the network parameters. Then the familiar menu structure guides through the installation of device settings and evaluation criteria. Various window types as well as an intelligent envelope curve technology enable a well-aimed evaluation of application specific curve courses. Besides to quality relevant presentation and analysis it is possible to generate single or cluster protocols for multi-channel applications.

The new press-fit module of the DIGIFORCE® 9310 family is ideally suitable for manufacturing facilities caring for a visualization of measuring and test results through a host PC. The basic version of the PC software DigiControl 9310 is included in the scope of delivery so that the user obtains a well-priced and good value integrated solution, available at very short-term delivery times.

Product Responsibility:
Stefan Körner
Phone: (+49) 07224-645-51

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